Different Ideas To Carry Out Rug Cleaning

Different Ideas To Carry Out Rug Cleaning
December 1, 2021

No matter if it is your home or office, the rug suffers daily from a lot of foot traffic, stains, and other spills. If you don’t clean these rugs, then they will lose their shine and original feel with time. Also, when you wish to clean to perform rug cleaning at home, then know below the 3 choices for it.

Three Ways To Perform Rug Cleaning:

1. Immediate Stain Removal

When your rug is suffering from coffee, tea or pet urine stains and any water-soluble stains, then follow this tip. First blot the stain or spill immediately to stop it from penetrating deep inside the rug fibers.

Also, water is not good to use for cleaning wool rugs. In this case, you should prefer to use only the recommended cleaning product for blotting stains. Baby wipes are an effective way to clean rugs.

2. Dusting The Rugs

It is obvious that the entrance rugs are the best dirt collector in your home or office. To remove this dirt, you can use a broom, stick, or a racket. Beat the rug on both sides with any of these tools.

The tough thing is to remove hair threads from the rugs. So, for that you can use a utility or clothing brush with stiff bristles. Remove the hair threads using these tools, but don’t be too harsh while moving bristle brush else it can damage your rug fibers.

3. Cleaning Rugs By Vacuuming

Mainly, vacuuming the rugs is the best way to remove dirt and stains from it. It is also effective during the initial shedding time of rugs. Daily vacuuming is enough to keep a sparkling shine on your rugs.

Moreover, professionals also prefer vacuuming as the first step of their rug cleaning process. Because, it will pick up all the loose particles and dust from the rugs easily.

What Do Professionals Use To Clean Rugs?

Generally, professionals use steam cleaning or hot water extraction techniques to clean your rugs. Steam cleaning involves use of hot water projected at high pressure on the stains of your rugs. So, the dirt and other bacteria can easily be removed from the fibers of rugs deeply.

However, we at Clean To The Maxx are the top-most professional rug cleaning service provider at Hanford location. Our experts use the best tools and methods to remove all the stains and dust, even the bacterial growth from your rugs. So, living in Hanford and finding area rug cleaning near you, do try our service once.

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