Looking For a Quality Area Rug Cleaning Service?

Before hiring a cleaning service, the questions are, how often should I clean my area rug? Or why do I need to have my rugs professionally cleaned? is common to have in your mind. Here is your answer! Vacuuming alone is not enough to keep your area rugs clean. This is because it only polishes the upper surface of your rug and the other penetrated pollutants inside the fabric remain as it is. As a result, we recommend you to get your rug professionally cleaned every 1-3 years to keep its surface clean and allergen-free.

Best Area Rug Cleaning Service – For Fresh, Clean, and Dry Rugs Every time!

Your search for the professional area rug cleaning service provider ends here! We, at Clean To The Maxx, use rug steam cleaning methods to safely remove all the dust contaminants and stains, providing a clean area rug with no residue left behind. We treat your rugs using advanced rug cleaning equipment and environment-friendly cleaning agents that are safe for both your child and pet.
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Our Cleaning Process For Spotless Area Rugs

Our technician will first inspect your floor thoroughly to scan the issues that need extra attention.
After that, our technicians will vacuum the floor to eliminate all the loose dust and lint particles.
Then our team will use powerful cleaning equipment to loosen dirt and mopping residue from within your floor. Our cleaning solution removes all the remaining debris before the dislodged dirt and the solution itself is vacuumed away.
Your hardwood floors are cleaned by the technicians using a microfiber cloth to reach edges and corners.
Your cleaning is prolonged by our neutralizing solution as we clean the floor a second time to give a shiny finish.
Then professionals do a final inspection to ensure the floor has been thoroughly cleaned.

What Makes Us Stand Out of The Crowd?

Initial Inspection

We thoroughly inspect your rugs to determine its soil condition, fiber type or construction style. Accordingly, we apply the best cleaning method keeping in mind the dyes will not bleed during the cleaning process.

Dusting and Cleaning

Using the efficient rug dusting equipment, we ensure to eliminate all contaminants and allergens from your area rug. Following up with cleaning, your rugs are pre-sprayed front and back, immerse for decontamination and cleaned with industry-leading cleaning equipment.

Rinsing, Wringing, and Neutralizing

At this stage, we ensure to remove all the pollutants including soil that was loosen up in the previous step. Also, we remove excess water, decreasing the issue of browning while eliminating any bad smell from the rugs.

Fast dry rug cleaning

Our fast dry process will help you get back to work faster compared to traditional rug cleaning methods. Your area rugs will be dry faster, typically within 3-4 hours, eliminating all the issues due to moisture

What Client Say About Us

Shaun is super friendly, fair with prices, has excellent communication, and most importantly, does a FANTASTIC job. Our move out clean made the house look better than…

Shellie Bucklin

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Shawn gave an honest rate. He and his brother-in-law cleaned the carpets, tile and grout in the entire house in preparation for rental. They even cleaned the grout in the master shower…”

Ted Leavitt

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