Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services by Clean To The Maxx

Hardwood flooring is one of the great options when you are planning to build a customized dream home. There is nothing like real hardwood flooring to make your home look always impressive. Clean To The Maxx has the experience and knowledge of cleaning which can help your hardwood floor to sustain for years.

Clean To The Maxx has been serving clients in Kings County, Fresno & Clovis Area Since 2010. We have trustable technicians who are certified by the industry standards. With an ample amount of knowledge, our team will provide the most honest hardwood floor cleaning services in your budget.

Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning For Your Home

As we all know, hardwood floors proliferate the elegance and charm of your home. However, after some time, the hardwood floor accumulates scuffs and spots, becoming dirty.

While sweeping and mopping can keep a hardwood floor looking clean on the surface, they can’t reach the level of cleaning that professional hardwood floor cleaning provides. Rather than simply moving dirt with sweeping and mopping, it is better you eliminate all the unwanted particles from deep by hiring a professional team. This will make your hardwood floor look vibrant and restored. Our professionals use special cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions that are specifically designed for wood.

Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process Comprises 6 Steps

Our technician will first inspect your floor thoroughly to scan the issues that need extra attention.
After that, our technicians will vacuum the floor to eliminate all the loose dust and lint particles.
Then our team will use powerful cleaning equipment to loosen dirt and mopping residue from within your floor. Our cleaning solution removes all the remaining debris before the dislodged dirt and the solution itself is vacuumed away.
Your hardwood floors are cleaned by the technicians using a microfiber cloth to reach edges and corners.
Your cleaning is prolonged by our neutralizing solution as we clean the floor a second time to give a shiny finish.
Then professionals do a final inspection to ensure the floor has been thoroughly cleaned.

What Makes Us Stand Out of The Crowd?

Certified and trained cleaning professionals
Over 10 years of experience
Multi-step hardwood floor cleaning process
Our cleaning reinvigorates dusty and scuffed flooring
Topcoat finish refresher available
100% satisfaction guaranteed!

What Client Say About Us

Great work at a great price. Very honest and friendly, explaining the whole process while answering all my questions. Couldn’t be happier with the service for the third time. See you again in 6 months.

John baker

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They did a great job on my carpets! They were very prompt, professional, and affordable.


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If you are looking for a trustable hardwood floor cleaners in Kings County, Fresno & Clovis Area, then call us.

We provide quality hardwood floor cleaning services at affordable rates.

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