Get a Safe Sleeping Environment With Our Mattress Cleaning Service

When was the last time you cleaned your dirty mattress? If your answer is a long time, then this is the high time to have your mattress professionally cleaned at Clean To The Maxx. We help you eliminate all the dust mites, body oils, dirt and odors that build up on your mattress over time. This way you can have a good night sleep on a healthy and sanitized mattress. To schedule your upcoming mattress cleaning in Kings County, Fresno & Clovis area, you can call our experienced and trained team of mattress cleaners.

Our Effective Mattress Cleaning Process


Our team of experts will come to your home and visually inspect your mattress. They will check if there are any permanent stains on your mattress and provide you with an evaluation report at the end of the inspection.


A complete surface vacuuming is performed using the industry-leading vacuum cleaner. It contains all the fine particles from your mattress fabric. Here the fabric used is known as “ticking”.


Further to loosen the residual oil which has been left behind during vacuuming is gently removed by spraying a preconditioning agent on the mattress.

Steam cleaning

Using a low moisture steam cleaning method we help you sanitize and deep clean the penetrated dust contaminants and allergens without over-wetting mattress fabric.


In this stage, we make sure that your mattress surface is at neutral ph condition. This will help you reduce the issues of browning, re-soiling, and sticky fibers that attract dust contaminants.

Post-Cleaning Inspection

Our team of experts will ask you to do an inspection of your home to ensure that everything is completed as per the expectations.

Why Choose Our Mattress Cleaning Service?

Mattress cleaning is a very important aspect when you want a healthy and safe environment to live in. At Clean To The Maxx, we provide satisfactory mattress cleaning service at competitive pricing in the Kings County, Fresno & Clovis area. Here are the reasons that will provide you confidence while choosing our mattress cleaning service
Help you eliminate mites and bugs from mattress fabric
Decrease the risk of allergic reactions in your families
Enhance the overall appearance of your home or office
Improves the feeling of comfort inside your property

What Client Say About Us

Great work and great customer service. Absolutely the best carpet cleaning experience we have ever had. Carpet and area rug looked just like new.. will be definitely be using this service again!

joel sanchez

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Shaun was great!! I really thought there was no hope for my couches, but he made them look brand new!! He truly cares about what he does and making his customers happy!!…”

Stephanie Peterson

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