Dos and Don’ts of Tile and Grout Cleaning

Dos and Don'ts of Tile and Grout Cleaning
January 25, 2024

Cleaning of tile and grout is an important part of maintaining your floors. It helps in preserving their appeal and prolongs their lifespan. However, that happens only when it’s done right.

When it concerns caring for tile and grout, there are certain things you must keep in mind. Here are some essential dos and don’ts of cleaning your tile and grout to ensure your floors are effectively cleaned the right way.

Dos of tile and grout cleaning

⇒ Sweep and mop regularly

Dirt and dust, on a regular basis, can accumulate in the pores of your tiles and grout. To avoid letting them sit and dull your floors’ appearance, make sure to sweep and mop your floors regularly.

Mopping them twice a week will help you maintain your tile and grout in a tip-top state while also making them last longer.

⇒ Clean the spills quickly

When spills, especially liquids, stay seated on your tiles and grout, they can stain them. Clean the mishaps on your floors as soon as they happen.

This will prevent their seepage into the grout pores and prevent staining.

⇒ Use safe cleaners

Whether DIY or store-bought, always use the right and safe cleaning solutions for your tile and grout cleaning. Use products that are compatible with your floor type and test them before use.

That prevents damage to your floors and ensures effective cleaning.

Don’ts of tile and grout cleaning

⇒ Reusing the mop water

Never reuse the same dirty water for mopping different areas of your tile surfaces. Change the water and rinse the mop head after each use. Otherwise, the germs and dirt from one area will transfer to the other, making your floors dirtier.

⇒ Improper rinsing

When cleaning your tiles and grout, avoid leaving the cleaning residue behind. This residue will make your floors slippery and also attract more dirt.

Rinse your floors thoroughly and make sure no traces of cleaning solution are left behind.

⇒ Using acidic cleaners

Never assume that strong, acidic cleaners will do a better job cleaning your tiles and grout. Using harsh cleaners can damage the porous grout lines and tile in the long run.

So, avoid acidic cleaners and use mild solutions to clean your tiled surfaces.

Bottom Line

Tiles and grout stay their best when they are cared for and cleaned the right way. By considering these tile and grout cleaning dos and don’ts mentioned above, you will be able to do it correctly, avoid wrong practices, and ensure that your floors are cleaned effectively.

To elevate your tile and grout cleaning to the next level, you can also opt for periodic professional tile and grout cleaning. Experts have years of experience and required knowledge and the right solutions to take the best care of your floors and help your tiles and grout stay their cleanest.

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