FAQs on Hardwood Floor Cleaning

FAQs on Hardwood Floor Cleaning
December 13, 2021

Clean to the Maxx is an expert hardwood floor cleaning agency. The hardwood floors require deep cleaning regularly. Constant foot traffic accumulates dirt which is beyond regular cleaning. Some of the basic FAQs on hardwood floor cleaning are answered by experts in this section.

How Often do I need to get the hardwood floors professionally cleaned?

The cleaning interval of the hardwood floor depends on foot traffic. Regular sweeping and mopping keep the surface dust off. But with usage, the hardwood floors require professional cleaning. Clean to the Maxx ensures standard procedures while hardwood floor cleaning for best results.

Professional hardwood floor cleaning removes deep stains and dust beyond regular cleaning. It is best to have the floors professionally cleaned every 4 to 6 months. This ensures the longevity of hardwood floors. It also gives the floor a shiny finish and luster.

Does the furniture need to be moved?

Yes. The furniture needs to be moved to clean the floor completely. Although, the heavy furniture can be worked around. The pieces of furniture that you cannot move alone can be assisted by our personnel.

How long does Hardwood floor cleaning require?

It depends completely on the size and level of cleaning required. The condition of the floor also needs to be taken into account.

Although, professional hardwood floor cleaning does require up to a day. Multi-step procedures required for a tough to clean floor take time. It also takes up to an hour or two for the floors to dry.

Is the Hardwood floor cleaning procedure noisy and disruptive?

The process makes some noise due to the heavy extraction of vacuum cleaners. However, no dust is created in the process. The entire process is contained within the work area which makes no mess.

The work area needs to be clear of obstacles though for effective cleaning. Free access throughout the area makes the process fast and efficient.

Do I need to do anything before the team’s visit?

Yes. You need to remove breakable items, trash cans, pots, rugs, and other items from the floor. The work area should be completely free of any objects.

Also, remove any dust trapped underneath heavy furniture after you’ve moved them. Clearing the grounds will make the process easy and hassle-free.

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