FAQs Related To Professional Mattress Cleaning

Professional Mattress Cleaning Hanford CA
October 21, 2021

If you think regular vacuuming is enough to keep your mattress clean, then you might want to think again. Although vacuuming looks clean, it only removes the dirt and debris from the surface of the mattress.

Thus, mattress manufacturers recommend getting professionals as they remove bacteria, odor, and other germs. However, due to a lack of knowledge about professional mattress cleaning, people often shy away from hiring them. In this blog, we have answered all your questions to put your curiosity to rest.

Answering Your Top Four FAQs About Professional Mattress Cleaning

1) How To Deep Clean A Mattress?

Deep cleaning your mattress depends on the fabric of your mattress and how soiled it is. Then on these factors, you can choose between steam cleaning or dry cleaning your mattress.

2) How Often Should I Clean My Mattress?

Regular cleaning, which includes vacuuming, needs to be done every week. Erstwhile you need to invest in professional mattress cleaning every 3 to 6 months to maintain its luster.

3) How Much Time Does It Take For My Mattress To Dry Out?

Steam cleaning your mattress will require approximately four to eight hours to dry out. But a dry cleaning will take only half as long as this process doesn’t use any water.

Thus, we would recommend you opt for professional mattress cleaning. Our experts guide you in what suits the ultimate for your mattress.

4) Which Is The Most Suited Cleaning Method For My Mattress?

Mattress manufacturers often add these instructions to the tags of the mattress for safety. They divided the cleaning methods into S, X, W, and WS.
S = solvent only
X = vacuum or brushing only.
W = water safe and
WS = mild detergent or dry foam only.

What Does Professional Mattress Cleaning Service Include?

When professionals clean your mattress, they begin inspecting it thoroughly then prep it for the next step. Then the mattress is vacuumed to remove any loose debris. Depending on the fabric, the mattress is either dry cleaned, or steamed. Finally, after the drying and airing time, they inspect their work.

So, to get your mattress deep cleaned professionally, book an appointment with Clean To The Maxx. Our mattress cleaning services will eliminate the mites and bugs from your mattress, thus reducing the risk of allergies. We promise you a safe environment to sleep in.

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