How Do You Go About Hardwood Floor Cleaning?

How Do You Go About Hardwood Floor Cleaning?
February 7, 2022

Hardwood Floor Cleaning is easily possible at home. Hardwood floors are a great flooring option. They provide a shining look to the floors. Hardwood floors match all types of interior designs easily. And they give a vintage feel as well. These reasons make hardwood floors a popular choice.

But as beautiful as these hardwood floors are, they require professional hardwood floor cleaning. People usually think of regular sweeping and mopping as the best way to maintain their floor clean. But unfortunately, it has more than that to it.

Hardwood floors professional hardware floor cleaning from time to time. This is because they are porous and prone to mold growth when left damp. Also, the grout lines accumulate much grime and dust which cannot be eliminated with a simple cleaning.

Thus, professional hardwood floor cleaning is an absolute necessity. But there are a few points to keep in mind while doing so. This blog outlines a few tips to keep your hardwood floor pristine and clean at all times.

Tips For Maintaining Hardwood Floor At Home

  • Sweep Or Vacuum Daily

You should clean hardwood every day, but a regular broom won’t suffice. Purchase a high-quality dust mop. These brooms have broad blades that capture dirt without scratching the surface of the floor.

Make sure you rotate the mop to twist and move it in one direction. Raise the mop head off the ground just when you’re finished. Dust and dirt will be expelled into the room if you raise the mop too soon, and you’ll have to re-mop the region you just cleaned.

There’ll be a streak of filth wherever your mop halted once you’re finished. Make use of a microfiber brush to gather the dirt in a dustpan. You can also choose to vacuum the floor daily. Thorough vacuuming will gather up the surface dirt that settles on the floor every day. This will make it easier for a hardwood floor cleaning service to clean the tougher grime afterward.

  • Keep The Floor Dry

Wet cleaners and steam mops should not be used on wood floors, despite whatever you’ve heard about cleaning. As per the National Wood Flooring Association, dampness can ruin the surface and eventually degrade the wood.

Rather, clean your wood floors with a wood floor cleaning solution. Most of these solutions are designed to function with the kind of polish you had upon your flooring, so check the instructions carefully before buying.

When cleaning, always follow the guidelines on the container. A hardwood floor cleaning service would normally advise that you scrub your floors with cleaner only once a fortnight.

  • Use Specialized Harwood Cleaner

To preserve your hardwood floor appearing the finest, use a hardwood cleaner weekly. Hardwood floor cleaners can be found at any home maintenance store or flooring store. They’re simple to operate, and a little basic maintenance will save you money in the long run. Just spray the solvent on the floor and wipe it lightly with a towel or hardwood brush to deep clean hardwood floors.

  • Never Use Soap & Water

When scrubbing your hardwood, never ever utilize water or soap. Hardwood flooring is not like tile or even laminated floor, and it cannot be cleaned with a pail of lathered-up, soapy water. In fact, mopping your floor in the usual manner can cause harm. Since wood is prone to moisture damage, you should limit the amount of water that comes into touch with your floor.

Water can enter into the cracks between the planks, causing swelling, discoloration, and distortion. A mop that requires little or no water is ideal for hardwood. For streak-free and clean floors, use a microfiber mop. A professional hardwood floor cleaning service near you can advise you perfectly on what cleaning agent to use.

  • Protect From Scratches

Safeguard your flooring from marks and cuts caused by objects. Putting feet on the bottoms of all of your furniture to shield it from scratches is a great idea. This is especially vital for furniture items that travel a lot, such as your dining seats. However, protecting all parts evenly is a great idea. You may buy felt at your local hardware shop and cut it to suit the bottoms of all of your pieces of furniture.

  • Polish Regularly

Regularly polish your floor. If you have a wax-finished hardwood floor, you should buff it on regularly to keep it appearing bright and fresh. The waxing procedure will also aid in buffing any dents from your floor. Because each wax brand is unique, it’s critical to read the instructions thoroughly and check the manufacturer’s requirements for your floor before using it. Polishing is a critical step in maintaining hardwood floors.

How do you clean really dirty hardwood floors?

To clean really dirty hardwood floors properly, the only option is professional hardwood floor cleaning. Getting a hardwood floor professionally cleaned has many benefits. It helps to eliminate any dangerous mold growth and breathes new life into the floors.

For best results on a hardwood floor, Clean To The Maxx is your go-to company. We have industrial-grade equipment and professional cleaning solutions to make your floor shine again. Our motto is customer satisfaction, which is why we do not stop until the customers are happy with the work.

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