Most Common Signs Of Water Damage in Your Home

Most Common Signs Of Water Damage in Your Home
June 28, 2022

Water is a crucial requirement of our life, but sometimes it becomes dangerous and life-threatening in the form of water damage. Water damage in your house can be way more hazardous than you think and can put you in big trouble. This mess becomes big with every passing day and can cause significant structural damage to your house if not addressed in the early stage.

We hear many cases of water damage across the country, which cause millions of property damage and can sometimes take lives. The problem is that people think they can fix this issue by themselves. They might be able to fix minor damages like breakage in pipes, but water damage is a severe problem and must be repaired with the help of a professional water damage service near you.

Water damage can happen due to multiple reasons like floods, heavy rains, old damage to home structures, blockages, broken pipes, plumbing, etc. You can identify the water damage in your house by some visible signs. In this blog, we have discussed these signs of water dame in your home.

Visible Signs Of Water Damage in Your Home

Wet Spot

Water Spots

Dark wet spots on the ceiling and walls of your home can be a sign of water damage. When there is an internal leakage, walls absorb water from the source, causing the wet stains. Keep an eye on your ceiling and walls.

Wall Cracks

Wall Cracks

Because of being in continuous contact with water, the sheetrock behind the wall starts absorbing the water, which causes visible cracks on the wall. This cracking leads to the peeling of paint and wallpaper. These cracks become big if not fixed early.


Mold on wall

Another common sign of water damage is mold. Mold or mildew generally grows in the area of dampness or higher moisture. If there is visible mold growth on your ceiling or walls, then there might be a source of water behind it.


Water Leakage

It is an obvious sign of water damage. If there is a leakage from your ceiling or even walls, it is a matter of concern. Leakages happen due to damage to the internal material of the structure. Leakage can future increase these damages.

Musty Odor

Dampness or moisture in the building material causes a musty or moldy smell in the home, which is a clear sign of water damage in your house. When you smell any such odor, it is good to check for water damage.

Final Thoughts

Water damage is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. If you ignore water damage in your house for a long time, it can put you in big trouble and lead to an expensive repair. It is best to call a professional water damage restoration company as soon as you observe the signs of water damage.

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