Quality Hanford Carpet Cleaning Can Reinstate Your Valuable Investment!

Carpets add a touch of luxury and charm to the room. However, it needs regular cleaning services to maintain its beauty. If you avoid carpet cleaning, your carpet can get dull and lead to a worse condition. Hence it is important to take proper care of your valuable carpet by hiring an experienced and knowledgeable carpet cleaner.

So, if you are looking for a reputable carpet cleaning company providing effective carpet cleaning services in Kings County, Fresno & Clovis Area, and all nearby areas, then Clean To The Maxx is the name of a trust.

 Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Hanford

Clean to Clean To The Maxx is owned by carpet cleaning enthusiasts. Shaun Mack has over 10 years of experience in carpet cleaning.

With years of experience, our professionals will help you restore your carpets to its original condition. We take pride in ourselves for providing quality work within your time and budget.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1: Pre-Inspection & Pre-Treatment

Initially, our professionals analyze the carpet condition and the major concerns on the carpet. Then will discuss with you before starting the treatment. Then a pre-treatment cleaning agent is applied to break the soils and general spots for a thorough cleaning

Step 2: Additional Spot Treatment

The identified stains during inspection need special attention to eliminate them completely. These tough stains are pre-treated using a specially formulated cleaning solution to increase the chances of their removal.

Step 3: Soil Extraction and Rinsing

Here the carpet is gently brushed using an oscillating brush machine. This breaks soil and grease without damaging the carpet fiber. Then our professional steam clean the carpet by rinsing it with hot water and alongside wet-vacuuming it.

Step 4: Post-Cleaning Treatment

Any spots or stain remains, our professionals will treat it using another special method to make your carpet stain-free

Step 5: Drying

The final step is providing you with the best carpet cleaning service with less drying time. Our carpet cleaning process delivers detailed cleaning to be in compliance with our motto that says “Where Quality Comes First”.

What Client Say About Us

“Shaun is the best!! There’s nothing like clean, sanitized carpets throughout and he does a phenomenal job making it happen…”

Autumn Karas

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“Excellent work!!!! Clean to the Maxx is really the BEST in town! Shaun, the owner really knows his stuff. Customer service is outstanding…”

Morgan Cunningham

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Want to Reinstate The Beauty of Your Carpet?

Never avoids carpet maintenance. Our reliable carpet cleaning professionals will ensure to restore the beauty of your luxurious carpet. We assure you to make your home ambiance at its best.
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